Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome to the Beginning.


Hello world! GeRoMey KlaighTo(n) EuGene Potter #AtYourService

Hello there – I am GeRoMey KlaighTo(n) EuGene Potter.  I’m about 71 inches tall, 245 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes.  I wear glasses and recently grew out My hair, of which I’m still in the process.  I smoke (Cigarettes & MariJuana), drink heavily when I drink, and also recently got into vaping for good.  I listen to as much music as possible.  In fact, it gets in the way of My development sometimes, emotionally, spiritually, and educationally.  I play a lot of sports video games and surf the net a lot.  For the past couple of Years, I have created multiple FaceBooks each Year, then went on to new ones and forgot the old ones’ passwords.  Each time I go for a new one, I discover a different part of My Lifes’ Past.  I decided to get this page because I’ve never had My Own page, and I think I’ve got some interesting things to go through…

I think Black Holes in (our) UniVerse are UniVerses smaller than Ours, and We are a Black Hole inside of a bigger UniVerse than Ours.  There was no BeGinning, and there shall be no End.  I also play around with this Idea of “Sci”/”Scischica”/”Scishc”.  Not even sure which means what and how to spell it yet, but it’s kind of a mechanism I’ve created for MySelf to better understand how I believe We are All interconnected in some type of way, and how I perceive My World.  I think if I could articulate and process, with pretty words, exactly what It is AND exactly what ELSE It is, It could very well even help Atheists talk about Life and its Tribulations.  I think it would be quite Nice if some Rappers and “G’s” would take up “A” Cross and commit to DeStroying the DeStructive..  You Know; Killing Murderers and things that Produce positive change out of the negative (people) in the world.

I Hope I’ll get some readers out of this.  If You read this, elaborate.  I shall soon I do BeLieve.